• Maggie is a multidisciplinary designer from the United States. She grew up in Wisconsin but moved to California after earning her degree in Graphic and Interactive Communications from Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, and has spent the last several years living and traveling in various countries in South America and Europe, while working as a freelance designer.

    After beginning her career mainly as a print and branding designer, she soon shifted her focus to include interactive design as well, and has also expanded to include User Experience design in recent years. Her experience working with large global brands, as well as small design studios and start-ups, has led her to become quite familiar with current trends and technologies, and she firmly believes in taking a unique and thoughtful approach to each project, rather than having a strong personal style. 

    When not obsessing over typography, Maggie spends her time exploring her surroundings, watching live music, doing yoga, riding her bike, and just being outdoors in general (preferably when sunshine, mountains, and rivers/lakes/oceans are involved). She is also co-founder and creative director of
    The Living Life, a raw food community based in the Bay Area.